SpiceCRM is as flexible as your business needs

Being flexible and user-friendly is key to CRM adoption. Not only does SpiceCRM provide a unique user interface but it also adapts to the use and the environment and provides a unique user experience. Use it when and in what form you need it. It will adapt to your need and environment. Use it on the Desktop, on the tablet, as a mobile app on iOS or Android. Use it in Outlook or as part of GSuite. Use it with Lotus Notes. And if that is not enough the flexibility will allow you to further adapt it and match your business’s use cases.

Drive User Adoption with a CRM System loved by your Users. Easy & Intuitive.

100% role-based adopting to the users’ needs.  Feature-rich and lightning fast in all areas.  Best in class UI intuitive to use.

What is SpiceCRM?

The ‘Flexible’ CRM

Manage all aspects – from screen designs to additional fields, to workflows, to custom objects and colors.

A CRM system that adapts to your organization’s needs and grows as you grow.

The ‘Scalable’ CRM

A CRM system that grows and supports company sizes from one user to thousands of users.

A system that is flexible enough to support your changes needs and adopt to changing business environments

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Who's it for?

Core vs. More – The SpiceCRM Editions

No two businesses are the same, no two Projects, and no two CRM Systems. Flexibility is at the heart of our systems and being able to customize is in the DNA of our Developers.

Over the years, however, we have gathered loads of requirements and built additional Products for SugarCRM (the open Source CRM that powers the backend of SpiceCRM) which we combined and consolidated in the SpiceCRM Backbone and the UI. TO cater to the Open Source idea which we fundamentally believe in but also allow to add more complexity out of the box we have split SpiceCRM into two editions – the “Core” and the “More” Edition. The Core covers all basic and essential CRM Functions and will allow a company to deploy a state-of-the-art CRM System, use it either right out of the box or build on top of it. The More Edition comes with prepackaged applications and addons that add additional benefits to the CRM Solution and might reduce the costs of implementation if the standard add-ons fit the purpose.

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Why Use it?

User Experience on a new Level

Usability, speed and flexibility are the key aspects we had in mind and always have in mind when building the SpiceCRM Frontend. We try to minimize clicks and make the UI as intuitive as possible. The design is based on the Lightning Design System.

SpiceCRM is role-driven with the option to configure it so it matches a specific user group’s needs. SpiceCRMsupports multi-languages adopting to your language and the terms used in your company. SpiceCRM can be customized to match your own CI. SpiceCRM is fast and built on AngularJS – the latest technology framework provided by Google.

SpiceCRM supports all modern HTML5 compatible browsers. From Chrome to Safari, to Edge to Firefox. We have openness in our DNA.

Technology matters

A modern UI is not only defined by the Design. It is also defined by the technology used. While a user might not necessarily see this, any user experiences it. Up to date technology is not only a mandatory fact to be in line with corporate security standards, but it also ensures compatibility with modern browsers, fast and responsive behavior and full support for the latest the internet has to offer. SpiceCRM’s Frontend is built on the latest Release of Angular powered by Google (www.angular.io). And also google plays an open game here and licenses angular under an open-source license.

Design matters

Why reinvent the wheel when the best in class is available public licensed? That was one of the questions we asked ourselves and decided to adopt the “salesforce lightning design system”. It is in our opinion currently one of the best design systems on the market to build enterprise solutions. With clear standards, high usability and a focus on CRM and Enterprise apps it is a de facto standard. And best of all – it is licensed with an open-source license as well.

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