What Is CRM?

Pretty much any organization that interacts with people and companies should have a CRM. What is a CRM? CRM stands for ‘Customer Relationship Manager’.

Although a CRM is often deployed to manage the sales funnel for a company, it can also be very effective to manage an organization’s business workflows beyond the scope of tracking leads and opportunities.

Key reasons to deploy CRM:

  1. Centralized database: Provide a single point of reference in a central database to maintain customer and related data.
  2. Customer analysis: Segment your organization’s contacts to provide targeted marketing and sales campaigns to improve closing ratios.
  3. Customer service: empower your team members with up to date information about your customers to deliver optimum customer service.
  4. Prospect tracking: As leads flow into the CRM, your sales team has a powerful tool to track the progress of their sales funnel and related communications, proposals, and follow-up tasks.
  5. Reporting: Once the team has been diligent with their data entry, the production of informative and dynamically generated reports will give management and support staff the necessary metrics to perform to the best of their abilities.